Cup Packer

Cup Packer

Job Description

Graphic Packaging International, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), is committed to providing consumer packaging that makes a world of difference. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are a leading global provider of paper-based packaging solutions for a wide variety of products for food, beverage, foodservice and other consumer products companies. We are one of the largest producers of folding cartons and hold a leading market position in solid bleached sulfate, coated unbleached kraft and coated recycled paperboard. Graphic Packaging s customers include some of the most widely- recognized companies in the world.

We achieve our vision by delivering value to our customers, building a high-performance culture for our employees and creating superior returns for our shareholders. We strive to be an environmentally responsible leader in our industry and in the communities where we operate. Graphic Packaging has approximately 17,000 employees working in more than 60 locations in North and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. We are committed to workplace diversity and offer compensation and benefit programs that are among the best in the industry to reward the talented people who make our company successful. We invite you to review the following employment opportunity and to learn more about us at www. graphicpkg. com.

Inspired Packaging. A World of Difference.

JOB TITLE: Cup Packer


HOURLY PAY RATE: $14. 02 + $0. 40/hr. night shift differential

WORK SCHEDULE: Night Shift 7:00 P. M. 7:00 A. M. (either C or D shift)

Must be willing and able to work nights and weekends


Ensure the packaging of quality cups by inspecting and packing cups from the auto-bagger and VCA according to schedule. Communicate with operators and line inspectors as needed. Label, assemble, and maintain cup box supply. In addition, perform and complete other work as assigned by shift manager. All employees must follow all Graphic Packaging safety procedure and policies.


  • Package cups from auto-bagger or Vertical Cup Accumulator (VCA) & Case Erector. Auto-baggers: As cup sleeves come down the chute, package them into properly labeled boxes. Box size will determine the number of sleeves per box. Keep eyes open for defects. VCA s: Package each cup roll into a sleeve. Tape sleeve shut and place in properly labeled box. Box size will determine the number of sleeves per box. Keep eyes open for defects.
  • Check quality: Visually look through sleeve film to inspect cups for defects: rim defects, print defects, and contamination. Verify stack height is correct when placing cups in box.
  • Maintain the box supply call warehouse as needed (Boxer function): Warehouse brings a skid of boxes into the packing area. As needed, bring bundles closer to packing station. Confirm the box item number with the information on the spec sheet. Call Warehouse as needed for more boxes.
  • Label boxes when necessary (Boxer function, Packer needs to know how to do): Retrieve labels from label staging area if they are not at the packing station. Apply machine barcode sticker and large box label to each box prior to its assembly. Number all boxes within the bundle starting at #1. Start numbers over again at print changes and a half hour before shift change.
  • Assemble boxes: After labeling boxes, construct one box at a time as needed.
  • Correct auto-bagger jams: Evaluate cause of jam and fix if possible by dislodging cups or bowls. If problem persists, notify Auto Bagger Utility.
  • Communicate with operators and line inspector: Communicate with the operators of the cup machines for whom you are packing to notify them of defects. Notify operators of case number at which roll changes occur. As inspectors make their rounds, communicate with them to notify them of any problems that have occurred. If a defect has occurred, have the inspector write a hold tag.
  • Complete all required production paperwork.
    • Production Report Form (Completed by Boxer): For each cup machine in assigned area, record the number of cases each print produces per machine. Turn form into supervisor a half hour before shift change. Order Report Form (Completed by Packer): Record how much of each print is run during shift to keep a running tally of the order. Keep the report at the packing station for the duration of the print job.
    • Print Change Over Checklist (Completed by both Boxer and Packer): Complete the print change over checklist at each print change.
  • Sort pulled cups for defects: Set aside all same print cups produced after the discovery of defect(s). As time allows, sort through the pulled cups and discard any defects. Package good cups. Also, help co-workers sort through defective cups.
  • Housekeeping Duties: Keep working area clean and organized. Once per shift, use the air hose to blow dust out from underneath the auto-bagger. Empty barrels by dumping defective cups into shredder where applicable.
  • Shift change communication: Communicate with break person, line inspector and the incoming or outgoing shift to stay aware of production issues.


  • 1-2 years of manufacturing experience highly desirable.
  • Resume preferred but not required.
  • Work requires continuous standing, repetitive movement while packing, and the ability to withstand continued use of arms packing product.
  • Well-developed communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills along with as an attention to detail.
  • Must be able to multi-task while working in a fast-paced environment
  • Must be able to maintain a positive team environment, be self-motivated and work with minimal supervision.
  • Must be able to work scheduled/unscheduled overtime as required
  • Overtime will be required as necessary including weekends. Graphic Packaging International operates on a 24 hour, 7 day/week basis.

Physical Demands

Occasionally = 1-33% Frequently = 34-66% Continuously = 67-100%

  • Occasionally: Stooping, climbing, using ladders, kneeling, lifting (Packers lift up to approx. 10 lbs.; Boxers lift box bundles of approx. 20 lbs.), pushing and pulling box bundles of approx. 20 lbs. (Boxer function only.)
  • Frequently: Reaching (up to shoulder level.)
  • Continuously: Standing (flat stable concrete, cushioned floor mat at packing station), walking (Department wide), working under time pressure, working rapidly for long periods.
  • Other occasional physical tasks: Lifting boxes only required of Boxer

WORK DEVICES/TOOLS/EQUIPTMENT: Auto-bagger, VCA, air hose, misc. Housekeeping supplies, cup sleeve tape, cup boxes, box labels, and the phone/intercom system

TRAINING PROVIDED: On-the-job training provided by designated trainer experienced Packer. Training period is approximately three weeks.

SUPERVISOR REQUIREMENTS: Supervision received from Shift Manager and trainer.

TIME OF OPERATION: 12 hour shifts, working alternately (36) and (48) hour weeks with four (18) minute breaks and one (20) minute lunch

Don't Be Fooled

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